Marijuana and Pokemon GO


What is Pokemon GO?

I think that everyone heard about Pokemon GO, right?

You may have noticed a bunch of people walking down the street looking at their phones with a “possessed” kind of look on their faces.

On the news you hear about Pokemon GO, on Facebook only posts about Pokemon GO, on twitter, instagram, everywhere. I was wondering what is so special about this game? So, i downloaded it myself and started playing. Despite that it is a game for 10-15 year old kids, the amazing fact is that it makes you move. It’s so catchy that it makes you want to walk 5 km to hatch an egg, or walk around the city to gain poke balls.

How can we, lazy stoners play it and make it more interesting?

Like we all know, marijuana smokers are a bit lazy. After smoking a big blunt, i don’t see many of you standing out and shouting: “now i’m gonna walk (by foot because the app knows when you are going by car) 10 km to catch that rare pokemon”. Due to that i was thinking, how to combine marijuana and Pokemon GO to make this actually work when we are stoned.

The idea is to smoke marijuana before the Pokemon session but only strains which are more energetic so more sativa like strains and even some hybrids.

Here are 3 marijuana strains you might want to try before a Pokemon GO session

Durban Poison is one of the strains which give you energy instead of making you lazy. Smoking this before a session will give you the energy and focus needed to walk all around the city for new pokemons.

Super Lemon Haze is also an option in your poke run. Not just that it makes you energetic, but it also has a pleasant flavor. A lemony, sweet taste and an awesome smell which tickles your nose.

marijuana-pokemon-go-cautionCinex is a combination between Cinderella 99 and and Vortex. It is not a famous marijuana strain yet but i assure you that after smoking it you will want to walk those 5 or 10 km for pleasure. Not sure if you’ll actually make it but at least you’ll want it. The best attributes of this strain are that it takes you out from the daily world, it helps you focus and in the meantime it gives you that lovely dumb smile. How can you not love it?

I have tested all of these marijuana strains myself and they did really work. They brought me from being lazy to being focused and full of will. Although I have to confess I never did finish that 5 – 10 km mark but I did walk a whole afternoon. Anyway the best part is the way that these strains made me sink in the game and focus.

Hope you’ll try them and tell me if marijuana and Pokemon GO worked for you too.

Oooh, and if you’ve tried another strains and had the same effect, don’t be shy and share it with us.




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