Menstrual Pain? Try Foria Relief

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For all the woman out there, we can finally feel better while we are on our period. It’s about time you hear about this new product named Foria Relief. This product helps us treat our pain by using cannabis suppositories.

Foria Relief is a Safe Product

Foria is a company that is committed in providing some of the highest quality and safety products available to us, their cannabis is outdoor grown using biodynamic and organic practices in Northern California so you shouldn’t worry on the use of harmful pesticides. To ensure the safest product, Foria has many stages of testing their final products such as potency pesticides, residual solvents and microbial tests. In the end you have a microbial-free product without the use of artificial preservatives. For our benefit Foria chooses to use all natural organic products instead of the synthetics. One of the base ingredient being cocoa butter which is a great alternative for our bodies.

What is Foria Relief Made of?

According to their website Foria Relief is made of three ingredients such as : CBD, THC and organic cocoa butter. Together these three ingredients introduced into your body via vaginal suppositories help you get rid of those horrible period cramps. They actually activate some cannabinoid receptors in the pelvic region that helps you relieve your pain within 15-30 minutes after inserting it in your vaginal area. It’s also a pain reliever for other parts of your body as your back and hip area once introduced rectally. It is known that medical marijuana is a good pain reliever and you can get it with a medical prescription absolutely legal.

menstrual pain try foria relief quoteForia Relief crafted these three ingredients together into a capsule to maximize your muscle relaxation and to relieve your pain using properties from the cannabis plant without a high effect.

Foria relief can only be purchased in Colorado and California.You should know that if you have to take a blood test, Foria relief will be present in your urine/blood.

Use Foria relief at your own risk, our body systems are very different and for some it doesn’t work so good with plant-medicine. As with all medication you should consult your doctor before using it.

Anyhow I know I would use it, as a woman I know how painful those special days can be, so thank you Foria relief!

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