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Vapir Enterprises, Inc: Company Profile

Vapir Enterprises, Inc. manufactures digital aromatherapy devices using heat and convection air in the United States. Since its formation, the company has manufactured a wide range of desktop and portable vaporizers, including Prima, VapirRise 2.0 Ultimate, Vapir No2 and Vapir Oxygen Mini Corded. The Vapir oxygen Mini Corded Vaporizer is designed for loose-leaf herbs and direct inhalation. The Vapir No2 vaporizer is designed for loose leaf herbs and direct inhalation. The Prima vaporizer is a digital vaporizer that supports extracts and botanicals, while the VapirRise 2.0 Ultimate vaporizer is made for loose leaf herbs and essential oils.

Vapir Enterprises, Inc. also sells over 100 different accessories and spare parts that range from recharging pieces, replacement mouthpieces, replacement batteries and all other important accessories and spares parts. The company also offers a variety of aromatherapy essential herbs and oils for its vaporizer users. Vapir, Inc a subsidiary of the company specializes in the technology of digital aromatherapy.

Vapir Enterprises, Inc.: Product Line

Vapir Prima Vaporizer:

The Vapir Prima Vaporizer is a handheld portable vape designed mainly for use with dry herbs, though it can also work with concentrates. The vaporizer comes with a flawless aluminum body and comfortable design that makes it easier to handle than other products. It boasts a steel pathway located between the mouthpiece and the chamber. To enhance the vapor quality, the device features a removable pathway so you can wash it out thoroughly.

For a perfect vaping experience, the device features four advanced and present temperatures. It is slim and sleek making it highly portable and discreet. The device comes with removable and rechargeable battery that eliminates excessive heating up times. You can purchase an extra battery pack to ensure you have long lasting vaping sessions. The manufacturer has faith in the sturdy design and backs up of the vaporizer with a five-year warranty. The device retails for only $199.99.

Vapir NO2. V2 Vaporizer:

The NO2 is one of the best portable vaporizers on the market today. The vaporizer comes with a display system that allows the user to accurately change the heating temperature within the device. The level of accuracy and control enables the customer to know what temperature they are every time, all the time. This offers you the most effective heating environment for vaporizing herbs. It also boasts a temperature memory system that will store your preferred vaporizing temperature in either Fahrenheit. Another great aspect of this vaporizer is the pure brass heating element that is encompassed in stainless steel. This revolutionary design delivers a smooth taste that exfoliates the full aroma and flavor from your herbal blend while eliminating harsh aftertaste.

The Vapir No2 V2 vaporizer is a very user friendly device. The unit is very quiet while in use. Temperature settings are automatically saved when the unit is switch off, so you do have to adjust the settings again. The unit resets once the desired temperature has been set, so the Vapir NO2.V2 is always ready to use. Vapor production from this vaporizer is excellent, flavor and dense, with a clean taste due to the mredical grade stainless steel and pure brass heating element. The unit heats up faster, and it takes less than a minute to get ready. The vaporizer comes with two mouthpieces; one glass stem that creates a cooler vape and one plastic for discreet vaping. The glass stem is more recommended because it produces a clear vape. The vaporizer comes with one year warranty on heating element and electronics. It retails for only $119.00.

Vapir Oxygen Mini:

The Vapir Oxygen Mini is a portable vaporizer that comes with many luxurious features. One of these features is a bright LCD screen showing temperature inside a well-lit oval, black numbers against blue. The vaporizer looks like a cartoon rocket, but not cartoonish in color grey with many holes. The holes provide ventilation and style. Additionally, three buttons allow you to choose temperature and turn the device on and off. The small and intrusive, found on the either side of the screen which is placed on an ergonomically shaped handle. The Vapir comes with a one year warranty and retails for only $69.99.

VapirRise 2.0 Ultimate Vaporizer:

The VapirRise 2.0 Ultimate vaporizer is a multi-purpose, amazing desktop vape that has three different sections. The first section is a balloon system that enables you to inflate the balloon or bag with vapor for easy and portable home use. The second function is an adaptor that allows up to four people to vape at the same time. Finally, the last option is the direct inhalation that uses the basic silicon tube for inhalation. The vaporizer is designed to be used with oil concentrates and dry herbs with a number of different chambers included. The convection vaporizer comes with a digital temp control and an ingenious fan speed control.

The VapirRise Ultimate Vaporizer boasts a precise touch pad control system that makes vaporization process more effective and efficient. The vaporization temperatures are displayed in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. The device is capable of reaching your set vape temperature in less than 60 seconds. Its digital display gives you accurate control on the temperatures which provides for maximum efficiency. The vaporizer is made using the highest quality components and features that cannot be unrivaled by another vaporizer currently on the market. The vapor path is made of stainless steel to ensure that you get the best tasting vapor ever. The Vapor Rise vaporizer currently retails at $249.99 and comes with a 2-year warranty.

A complete review of the Vapir Rise Ultimate Vaporizer

What to Expect From the New Vapir Rise Vaporizer

The Rise 2.0 is a new improved version of Vapir Rise. The new 2.0 version improves in a big way on the old model, which did have some drawbacks.

Here is how they improved it:

The new product is more efficient and powerful

Some of the new, improved features contain a forced air system that will prevent the vapor from continuously flowing therefore without wasting more vapor you won’t need to rush when you are vaping. When you want to use the Rise for more sessions, you can choose the whip-draw option without the forced air function on. For this version the heating chamber has been changed, actually redesigned for easier cleaning and better performance.

Digital Display

The Vapir Rise has now a digital display that will show the accurate temperature.
Users have both options for temperature control: Celsius or Fahrenheit, the improved Vapir will heat up to 215°C, instead of 204 °C in no more than one minute.

Precise Touch Pad Control

It also comes with a precise touch pad control system that will make the user experience better and easier.
New Improved Design

As highlights for the improved version are also the facts that this Vapir is perfectly designed for loose leaf herbs & essential oils, it can be used by 4 users simultaneously plus it supports both Balloon Inflation and Direct Inflation.

Dual Functionality

The Vapir Rise has dual functionality; it can be used through both systems, traditional whip system or through the very well known balloon bag system. It has an advanced balloon adapter system; through this system the bag filling is easier. The product assures you that both systems are working at their best, making your experience unique.

VapirRise Ultimate Vaporizer:


The Vapir Rise vaporizer is extremely well made. The unit is hefty and feels extremely solid, and has digital controls with no moving buttons. A button marked “heat” sits below the screen, which is used to start heating up the device. It has a circular base with a concave cylinder rising above it. The precise touch pad control system offers accurate temperature settings. You can’t ignore the large digital display too. With the buttons, you can adjust the fan speed and heat level.

The shape of the device is elegant, but with a pinch of the late 1970’s lamp design, but in a great way. The vaporizer has a silver and black color scheme, adding to the space age theme. The stainless steel design ensures that the vapor path is clean so as to give the best tasting vapor. The entire product looks, very sleek and sophisticated. Nothing about it seems cheap.
Vapir Rise Ultimate Vaporizer: Build Quality

Materials Used

The new Vapir Rise vaporizer is actually well built and uses high quality components and materials that make it a very robust vaporizer. Though mostly made of plastic, the kind used is the top shelf kind that will not break or melt easily. The steel and plastic parts are well machined and fitted together perfectly. The vapor path is made of high quality stainless steel to keep that vapor clean and maintain its flavor. The heating element is made of ceramic to enhance the vaporization process. The manufacturer has used an extra layer of stainless steel to create more insulation, as the body of the device gets a little warm during the heating process.

Another core and unique feature of the unit is the LCD touch pad display that makes the unit to not only look and feel modern, but also quite user friendly. The machining is strong and secure and the plus and minus buttons are quite responsive. Overall, the build quality of the Vapir Rise 2.0 vaporizer is top notch.


The Vapir Rise 2.0 Ultimate vaporizer is a high tech unit. First, it comes with a precise touch pad control system to enhance the vaporization process. The unit displays vaporizing temp in both Celsius and Fahrenheit depending on what you choose. The digital display allows the user to accurately control temperature which provides for even more accuracy.

The VapirRise is the first vaporizer to use a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Absorption) air filter system. This system purifies the air before the vapor is formed, ensuring clean and pure vapors. Stainless steel components and a ceramic heating element also contribute the uncompromising and consistent vapor quality. The unit might only reach 400 degrees Fahrenheit (204 degrees Celsius) but it still manages the best tasting vapor of units that sit at this temperature range.

The Vaporizer uses convection method to vaporize dry herbs. Air is drawn from the side of the unit, through the HEPA air filtration system, across the ceramic heating element and then up to the dry herbs. It takes about one minute for the heating element to heat up, which is faster compared to the three to five minutes of the Volcano. The Rise allows users to choose between three vapor intake methods. The first is via whip, the second via hookah style whip (for multiple users), and the third is via balloons.

Vapir Rise Ultimate Vaporizer: Heating

Heating Chamber- Oven

The heating chamber is where your dry herbs are placed during the vaporization process. The Vapir Rise heating chamber is made up of a high quality ceramic heating element. The vaporizer’s heating system heats up materials consistently and evenly through the convection method, ensuring outstanding vapor quality and flavor throughout each session. This heating system also ensures that the essential oils in your botanicals are extracted with maximum efficiency and reduces the amount of wasted materials, saving you money.


The new Vapir Rise vaporizer now reaches 215 degrees Celsius while before it only reached 204 degrees Celsius, and still offers the best tasting vapor at this point amongst all other stationeries. The unit displays vaporizing temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit, depending on which you prefer. The vaporizer is also capable of reaching vaporizing temperature in less than 60 seconds.
Playing around with temperature setting is easy on the new Vapir Rise vaporizer that almost anyone can determine their ideal vaporization temperature within the first few users. The temperature control seems very accurate, and changes temp quickly as you adjust from herbs to concentrates. The unit’s digital display allows you to set your preferred vaporizing temperature, thereby providing maximum efficiency.

Vapor Quality

The Vapir Rise 2.0 Ultimate has exceptional vapor quality. The unit produces potent and dense clouds, and the flavor is clean despite the whips being made out of pure plastics. The whips made of glass provide a much more immaculate vape, but those are more fragile to use. The plastic whips are also a great compromise, adding durability without sacrificing too much flavor. The taste is clean, at 400F a steady stream can be seen coming from the whip. A bag clouds up to a medium/ light consistency. The system uses the HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Absorption) air filter system, allowing you to get clean and healthy vapors from your concentrates or dry herbs. The ceramic heating element and stainless steel heating chamber ensures that no toxic metals are vaporized together with your botanicals.

Vapir Rise 2.0 Ultimate Vaporizer: User Manual

How to Use the Vapir Rise 2.0 Ultimate Vaporizer (Steps to Follow)

Switch on the device, connect the power cord to the unit and press the switch button located at the lower right side of the base. You will notice the digital display and buttons lights turn on.

Fill the heating chamber or concentrates tank with your botanicals. If you are using dry herbs, avoid over packing the chamber to allow air to circulate while vaping. The extra space also enhances even vaporization of materials inside the heating chamber.

If you are using herbs, you can switch the heat on by pressing the temperature control up to your preferred heat level. To activate the heating element, press on the HEAT button. You can also set the fan controls, although it is highly recommendable that you turn it off first while the vaporizer heats up in one to two minutes. It is recommendable that you do not place the concentrates tank or herbs chamber before the devices reaches the desired heat setting.

Once your desire temperature is achieved, place the multi-user or single user adapter on the top of the tank. The whole chamber should fit inside the pathway while the adapter should protrude on the top. Press the adapter gently and twist it halfway in a clockwise direction to lock it securely.

Next, connect the whip to the nozzle. If you will be using the balloon, take the balloon adapter, remove the O-ring and insert the mouth of the balloon via the O-ring. Fold the mouth of the balloon back; wrap the O-ring before connecting it back to the balloon adapter.

Using the balloon clamp, tighten the balloon’s grip and then connect the balloon adapter to the standard adapter and set the fan to full speed to fill the balloon quickly with vapor. Disconnect the balloon and start enjoying the lever at the side of the balloon adapter to open the valve.

To add more dry herbs, detach the adapter from the vaporizer’s mouth and quickly place the herb chamber of the holder. The holder insulates the heat so that you can hold the chamber when you are cleaning and refilling it.

Remove the adapter and get rid of the already used herbs. You can use a brush or appropriate cleaning tools to remove any stubborn dirt. Fill the chamber again with your fresh botanicals.

User Impressions

The Vapir Rise 2.0 Ultimate vaporizer has great user impressions. Just looking at the parts, you will see a powerhouse of features and reliable performance you are getting. The chamber is noticeably larger compared to what you get with other desktop vaporizers. This is quite advantageous, if you love denser, more flavorful vapors, or if you are using the device with three other users simultaneously. All materials used on the Vapir Rise 2.0 Ultimate feel very high quality in the hand and can live up to the normal wear and tear of a daily user.

Vapir Rise 2.0 Ultimate Vaporizer: Accessories

1 Piece Power Cord
1 Piece Blend Chamber
1 Piece Oil Chamber
2 Piece Oil Pads
1 Piece Chamber Adapter
1 Piece Balloon Adapter
1 Piece Inhalation Adapter
1 Piece Hot Chamber Grabber
3 Piece Inflatable Balloons
1 Piece HEPA Air Filter
2 Piece Large Mesh Screens
2 Piece Small Mesh Screens
2 Piece Silicone Tubing
1 Piece X-Tip Clear Mouthpiece
1 User Guide
1 Piece Quick-Start Guide

Vapir Rise 2.0 Ultimate Vaporizer: Pros and Cons

Pros of the Vaporizer

Multi-functional: The vaporizer also you to select between balloons or bags through the built-in fan or conventional whip-based inhalation
Stainless steel vapor path and ceramic heating element ensure clean and consistent vapor

Ideal for essential oils, dry herbs and waxy oils
Efficient and easy to use touchpad for precise temperature setting
Clear digital display
The first vaporizer to us the HEPA air filter system
The Device heats up quickly in less than 60 seconds

Cons of the Vaporizer

Comes with only 2 silicon tubes
Warranty: 1 year

The Final Verdict

The new Vapir Rise Vaporizer is a revolutionary product that will for sure change your vaporizing experience. The Vapir Rise has set a new standard for all Forced-Air Vapes. It is an easy to use product, just get it out of the box and it’s ready to use with waxy oils and dry blends which will make it remarkable. You won’t need to acquire additional accessories or any other parts to make the unit compatible with waxy oils the Viper Rise already has everything you need for your relaxation and therapy at your own home. Plus it is one of the most silent vaporizers on the market.
Vapir Rise 2.0 Ultimate assures pure and clean vapor because of the built-in HEPA filters. This filtration system helps to remove dust and harmful elements before the botanicals are changed to vapor. The Vapir Rise 2.0 Ultimate vaporizer is perfect for users who prefer to vape medicinal cannabis and need pure vapor. As a high-quality vaporizer, this device is made from stainless steel heating chamber and ceramic material to prevent deadly metals from being vaporized together with the used herbs.

The Viper Rise already has everything you need for your relaxation and therapy at your own home. You will even hear someone’s whisper in the room that is how silent the Vapir Rise is, even though it is using a forced air system that in other vaporizers might be very loud. Everything that could be done for your relaxation it is here in this amazingly silent kit.


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