Vapir Rise Vaporizer – Most Silent Desktop Vaporizer

Most Silent Desktop Vaporizer

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Fast Heating

Herbs and Oils

Balloon Bag + Whip

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Vapir Rise Vaporizervapirrise vaporizer


The Vapir Rise Vaporizer, manufactured byVapir is a revolutionary product that will for sure change your vaporizing experience. The Vapir Rise has set a new standard for all Forced-Air Vapes. It is a easyto use product, just get it out of the box and it’s ready to use with waxy oils and dry blends which will make it remarkable. You won’t need to acquire additional accessories or any other parts to make the unit compatible with waxy oils, the Viper Rise already has everything you need for your relaxation and therapy at your own home. Plus it is one of the most silent vaporizers on the market.

Most Silent Desktop Vaporizer – Vapir Rise Vaporizer

New Features

The Rise 2.0 is a new improved version of Vapir Rise, the new product is more efficient and powerful.Some of the new, improved features contain a forced air system that will prevent the vapor from continuously flowing therefore without wasting more vapor you won’t need to rush when you are vaping.When you want to use the Rise for more sessions, you can choose the whip-draw option without the forced air function on. For this version the heating chamber has been changed, actually redesigned for easier cleaning and better performance.

The Vapir Rise has now a digital display that will show the accurate temperature.
Users have both options for temperature control: Celsius or Fahrenheit, the improved Vapir will heat up to 215°C, instead of 204 °C in no more than one minute.

It also comes with a precise touch pad control system that will make the user experience better and easier

As highlights for the improved version are also the facts that this Vapir is perfectly designed for loose leaf herbs & essential oils, it can be used by 4 users simultaneously plus it supports both Balloon Inflation and Direct Inflation.

The Vapir Rise has dual functionality, it can be used through both systems, traditional whip system or through the very well known balloon bag system..It has an advanced balloon adapter system, through this system the bag filling is easier. The product assures you that both systems are working at their best, making your experience unique.

 vapir rise vaporizer table

Vapir Rise Vaporizer Version 2.0

Vapir Rise 2.0 Ultimate assures pure and clean vapor because of the built-in High-Efficiency Particulate Absorption (HEPA) filter. This filter removes all the dust and harmful elements before the botanicals are converted into vapor.This vaporizer being perfect for users who prefer to vape medicinal cannabis and need pure vapor. As a high-quality vaporizer, this device is made from a ceramic heating material and stainless steel heating chamber to ensure that no deadly metals are vaporized along with the used herbs.

The Viper Rise already has everything you need for your relaxation and therapy at your own home. You will even hear someone’s whisper in the room, that is how silent the Vapir Rise is, even though it is using a forced air system that in other vaporizers might be very loud. Everything that could be done for your relaxation it is here in this amazingly silent kit.

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vapir rise accessories1 Piece Power Cord

1 Piece Blend Chamber

1 Piece Oil Chamber

2 Piece Oil Pads

1 Piece Chamber Adapter

1 Piece Balloon Adapter

1 Piece Inhalation Adapter

1 Piece Hot Chamber Grabber

3 Piece Inflatable Balloons

1 Piece HEPA Air Filter

2 Piece Large Mesh Screens

2 Piece Small Mesh Screens

2 Piece Silicone Tubing 

                                                                                                       1 Piece X-Tip Clear Mouthpiece

                                                                                                  1 User Guide

                                                                                                1 Piece Quick-Start Guide


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