No more buds! Just oils, concentrates and wax!

Smoking a joint is already old. Because of the expansion of legal marijuana markets, marijuana products have also diversified. From normal buds to pot brownies and other edibles, there is something new on the market which is viral. We’re talking about concentrates and vaping essential oils. Since these products are out on the market, they’ve become a major part of the marijuana sales.

What are vaping oils and concentrates?

Many people choose a vape pen instead of a classic paper and bud. The vape pen allows you to be discreet, there is no smoke and some people say it’s healthier for the lungs. Well it should be, considering you take the paper smoke out.



In USA, twenty-three states have legalized medical marijuana and four have legalized recreational use also.

Washington state was the first state to legalize recreational marijuana in 2012. The sales of concentrates have grown with 10% at the end of 2014, and with 15% at the end of 2015. Concentrtates and oils stormed the market and their consumers are aged between 18 and 70 years.

The process in which THC and CBD is extracted evolved since cannabis companies developed more refined methods. THC extracts are the ones which give the psychoactive effect, and CBD extracts are mostly used for medical purposes.

The most popular forms of extracts in the past year and until now, are the ones with high amounts of THC, known as shatter and wax. A burnt sugar like concentrate substance.

These substances are consumed in a process called “dabbing”. The concentrate is placed on a heated surface (mostly titanium or quartz), and then inhaled through a glass device called an oil rig or bubbler.

People seem to like this new way of consuming cannabis because it’s a faster way to get more cannabinoids in their system or to get higher, faster.



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