Professional Dome Bongs by Blaze Glass

Blaze-Glass-Stemless-7mm-Glass-Bong-1 Blaze-Glass-Stemless-7mm-Glass-Bong-1
Blaze-Glass-Stemless-7mm-Glass-Bong-2 Blaze-Glass-Stemless-7mm-Glass-Bong-2
Blaze-Glass-Stemless-7mm-Glass-Bong-3 Blaze-Glass-Stemless-7mm-Glass-Bong-3
Blaze-Glass-Stemless-7mm-Glass-Bong-4 Blaze-Glass-Stemless-7mm-Glass-Bong-4
Blaze-Glass-Stemless-7mm-Glass-Bong-5 Blaze-Glass-Stemless-7mm-Glass-Bong-5

Look at it! Isn’t it just gorgeous?

Made from clear, high quality borosilicate glass 7 mm thick, this massive bong is waiting for its lucky stoner. It has a stable round foot, classic cylinder shape, a lower tube measuring 85 mm and a 50 mm mouthpiece. And that’s not all, this bong is like a “high getting” machine. It features a 12 arm percolator at the base and a UFO percolator in the chamber leading to the mouthpiece .The percs will filter and cool down your smoke ! You can now enjoy a cooler, smoother but full flavored hit.

It comes with 18.8 mm joint size equipped with 18.8 mm slide bowl. So what do you think? Does it satisfy your needs?

Manufactured bu Blaze Glass, it measures 17.7 inch (45 cm) in size. It’s Simple, classic, all inclusive bong with a cool sandblasted Blaze Glass star logo.

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Blaze-Glass-Double-Spiral-Perc-Ice-Bong-1 Blaze-Glass-Double-Spiral-Perc-Ice-Bong-1
Blaze-Glass-Double-Spiral-Perc-Ice-Bong-2 Blaze-Glass-Double-Spiral-Perc-Ice-Bong-2

First of all, I was attracted by its unusual design, then I saw its real potential.

Standing on a stable clear foot, the base of the bong is made from black glass, a clear slitted downstem diffuser and a black spacy bowl. The tube has a clear, classic, cylinder shape but what’s inside is stunning. A double spiral perc in black glass which comes to your help, making your smoke cooler, smoother and ready to taste. The glass bowl comes with marble rollstopers and a 18.8 mm joint size; a 3 hole slitted diffuser with an ideal 5.3 inch (1 3.5 cm) length and aboveit an ice ring inside the cylinder to cool your hot smoke. Equipped with a carb hole and a carb stopper this bong is amazing. But that’s not all! Bonus you receive a magnet and a classic Clipper lighter.

Manufactured by Blaze Glass the Double Spiral Perc Ice Bong is 5 mm thick and measures 17.75 inch (45 cm) in height.

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Blaze-Glass-Complete-Mix-and-Match-Kit-1 Blaze-Glass-Complete-Mix-and-Match-Kit-1
Blaze-Glass-Complete-Mix-and-Match-Kit-2 Blaze-Glass-Complete-Mix-and-Match-Kit-2
Blaze-Glass-Complete-Mix-and-Match-Kit-3 Blaze-Glass-Complete-Mix-and-Match-Kit-3
Blaze-Glass-Complete-Mix-and-Match-Kit-9 Blaze-Glass-Complete-Mix-and-Match-Kit-9
Blaze-Glass-Complete-Mix-and-Match-Kit-10 Blaze-Glass-Complete-Mix-and-Match-Kit-10
Blaze-Glass-Complete-Mix-and-Match-Kit-11 Blaze-Glass-Complete-Mix-and-Match-Kit-11
Blaze-Glass-Complete-Mix-and-Match-Kit-12 Blaze-Glass-Complete-Mix-and-Match-Kit-12
Blaze-Glass-Complete-Mix-and-Match-Kit-4 Blaze-Glass-Complete-Mix-and-Match-Kit-4
Blaze-Glass-Complete-Mix-and-Match-Kit-5 Blaze-Glass-Complete-Mix-and-Match-Kit-5
Blaze-Glass-Complete-Mix-and-Match-Kit-6 Blaze-Glass-Complete-Mix-and-Match-Kit-6
Blaze-Glass-Complete-Mix-and-Match-Kit-7 Blaze-Glass-Complete-Mix-and-Match-Kit-7
Blaze-Glass-Complete-Mix-and-Match-Kit-8 Blaze-Glass-Complete-Mix-and-Match-Kit-8
Blaze-Glass-Complete-Mix-and-Match-Kit-13 Blaze-Glass-Complete-Mix-and-Match-Kit-13

You’re now looking at a Complete Mix and Match Kit. Let’s see what this buddy has got for us.

Made from clear high quality borosilicate glass 7 mm thick at the base and 5mm at the tube, all pieces in the set are removable and can be inter-changed with other pieces from the mix and match kit.

It has a stable beaker base with a sandblasted Blaze Glass logo under it ,a 29.2 joint size ,and features a carb hole and a rubber carb stopper. Inside the base comes the downstem diffuser at 6.1 inch (15.5 cm) and the bowl which is roomy enough for your herbs plus a red keck clip to hold them still.

So you get a 65 cm tube with a red keck clip to secure it, featuring ice notches, a thick glass mouthpiece and inside a clear glass 18.8 mm percolator with a black handle.

All the pieces are removable, inter-changeable and are featuring a black-glossy Blaze Glass logo.

Manufactured by Blaze Glass, it measures 25.5 inch (65 cm) and has a 50 mm diameter.

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