Scholarships From Marijuana Tax


Pueblo County, Colorado to offer college scholarships from marijuana tax

Starting with 2017, Pueblo County could send high school graduates to college on a scholarship founded by its marijuana taxes. The county is expecting a 3.5 million dollar increase in revenues from marijuana taxes, after recently approving a measure that will result in a 5% tax increase by 2020. Most of this money will go toward funding scholarships for high school graduates in Pueblo County. The sole purpose of this program is to make higher education a real possibility for families that can’t afford sending their kids to school.

Tyler Henson, president of the Colorado Cannabis Chamber of Commerce posed the question of “how well they can balance educating the minors to stay away from the use of recreational marijuana, but at the same time to encourage the growth and development of the industry.” Even though we feel that it’s every person’s right to do as they please with their body, this is something to take into consideration. Irresponsible marijuana use, especially by those still underage could translate into problems later on in life.

Some of the money not used in the scholarship program will be redirected to some community projects(some of wich include enhancing the playground at an elementary school, or replacing golf carts at a local golf course). While I get how hitting a small sphere with a large steel stick, then driving to where the ball landed in an OUTDATED golf card can be mildly irritating, I strongly feel that scholarships, and the overall reform and improvement of our education system are a far better destination for marijuana tax money.



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