How to select the best weed seeds


How to select the best weed seedsHow to select the best weed seeds

Well… you decided to grow marijuana and want to know how to select the best weed seeds. You need to establish a few things:

1. What type of marijuana you`ll grow.

2. Try to select the best weed seeds.

3. The reason you`re growing it (medical, commercial, or only for yourself).

4. If you have enough space, if the climate helps you or not.

5. Very important: traditionally cannabis has THC levels of around 12-21% and CBD levels of between 0.1% to 0.3%.

6. Be careful at the color and the patterns on the surface of the marijuana seed: if it`s too soft or blended, grey or greenish. The bigger the seeds are, the best is the quality of the marijuana seeds.

7. If you live somewhere with a northern climate, where sunlight is less intense, have more chlorophyll and less accessory pigments. You`ll see that the dying leaves often turn light yellow, grey, or rust.

8. The soil conditions under which the plants are grown influences the variation in pigment concentrations.

You can start with a test: take the best looking seeds and put them into a jar with a top, filling it with room temperature water.  Let the seeds soak in it for 12 hours.  The ones that float are good. Also, if the seed is too old, the marijuana will lose its water and become light.

Remember that after you buy cannabis seeds, you need to germinate your marijuana seeds properly and provide optimum growing conditions for at least 10 weeks.

We made a brief summary of each strain and their key characteristics:

  1. Sativa plants:
  • it grows tall and thin
  • takes longer to mature
  • it tends to produce bigger yields than Indica plants; the high is cerebral and energetic.
  1. Indica:
  • it grows short and bushy,
  • it becomes mature earlier than Sativas
  • produces sticky and resinous buds; the buzz is more of a body stone that can lead to couch lock.
  1. Ruderalis/Auto-flower:
  • tend to be extremely short
  • when flowering and mature, they can receive light 24 hours a day
  • grow very quickly
  1. Hybrid:
  • Nowadays hybrids are very common and they are made up of at least 2 of the above strains, most of them having Indica or Sativa dominance. Auto-flowering hybrids are crossed to produce plants that develop very fast and have high potency.

If you are less experienced as a grower, don`t get fooled by some exotic names of the marijuana strains. Some are much harder to grow than others. But some have been engineered to be easy to grow, resistant to pests and can handle a lot more stress.

Cannabis plants with high THC are grown to treat conditions as psychological disorders, movement disorders, pain and glaucoma or simply to relax the body and the mind. High CBD (cannabinoid) cannabis seed strains are grown for patients with serious medical conditions like cancer.

The fact is that most of the fine-quality marijuana varieties develop in those countries nearer to the equator. How much this has to do with environmental conditions or cultural practices is unknown yet. But the only place you can be sure you buy the best of the best is Amsterdam. There, the strains get better every year.



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