Shine Luxury 24k Gold Rolling Papers

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shine-24k-gold-rolling-papers-3 shine-24k-gold-rolling-papers-3

The Shine 24k Gold

The Shine 24k Gold rolling papers cone is what you need to impress at any party. The pack features one luxury 24k gold paper cone, king size, that’s ready to fill and go. So don’t worry if you can’t roll. Just pick up the cone fill it up and impress. These luxury 24k gold papers will surely make you the center of attention and works perfect as a shiny golden present. Also, the cone features a hemp blend paper base which will make your joint burn smooth. Check them out and get your own luxury 24k gold papers now.

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The Single Pack, Shine luxury 24k gold

The Single Pack, Shine luxury 24k gold rolling papers, 1 1/4 Size are made from handcrafted edible gold. The gold leaf is placed on top of the hemp blend paper base which makes your joint burn smooth. These luxury papers are 1 and 1/4 inch in size. Although small, they will surely get anyone to turn their attention to you. The pack features not 1 but 12 papers so you can roll again and again until the party ends. So check them out and get your own now.

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