Sober Up Quickly from a High

Here are our steps to sober up quickly from a high:

What can be more relaxing than sitting in your garden and smoking a joint? Almost nothing. But what if suddenly something shows up or you are too high and you need to sober up quickly?

There are many ways that can help you sober up from a high, even though sometimes it is hard to even get up.

We advise you to try some of these simple steps, they worked for us!




Step one sober up quickly :

Get on your feet! Try not to panic! It is very hard for some of us to do that (me included) because sometimes some of the marijuana products found on the market can produce paranoia, heavy breathing, panic attacks, disorientation and so on.

Step two sober up quickly :

Do the things that relax you the most like playing the music you enjoy, anything that will get you through that high.

Never try to rush things like getting into your car to drive away, it might be really dangerous for you and obviously for others.

Here are some of our Step 3 things to do:

1. Eat!

As you may know THC drops blood sugar so it is highly recommended for you to eat! As medical centers suggest to treat our low blood sugar with…sugar, do it! Eat candies or any other sweets that you like, remember if your are a health fanatic, fruits are the best, they usually contain sugar and vitamins so that is a win/win situation. Try not to eat fats though, fatty snacks can’t raise your blood sugar fast enough, try a candy bar or a chocolate instead.

2. Drink!

Water will help your body system to flush out the THC.If you like drinking milk, that could be a big plus, some studies showed milk helps with absorbing the THC, avoid it though if you’re not feeling too well, hydrate just with water.


A quick nap will for sure help you sober up, sleeping helps your body system process the THC so you will wake up feeling a lot better.

4. Shower!

Using a bit of cold water will slow your heartbeat and calm your nerves.A shower will freshen you up quickly. Avoid bath tubs if you are feeling sleepy or very high.

5. Run!

Jogging a bit, doing a few sprints or even a few push ups is the best way of sobering up. Moving your body causes your system to metabolize the THC very fast. Sitting down, doing nothing only makes is worst so move around a little.

These are some of the things that will help you feel a faster relief. Still, we hope you won’t need them!



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