SoCal High Times Cannabis Cup 2016

Credits: High Times

SoCal High Times Cannabis Cup 2016

January 30-31 and February 5-7

SoCal High Times Cannabis Cup 2016 hosted amazing examples of sativas, indicas and hybrid buds and concentrates. A huge variety of edibles and topicals. And, also some of the newest arrivals in Vape Pens.

Rancho Relaxo Organics introduced to us all organic grown plants and products sustainably grown, with off the grid solar power and nutrients made on site. No pesticides or sprays on plants.

Last years winner MTG seeds showed off with it’s last arrival bud orange creamsicles. But also trans-dermal medicine.

Moose labs introduced “mouthpeace” with the sign “all terps, no herps”. The mouth peace product came as a response to the high volume of sharing in such events. It is used for sharing joints, blunts and pipes without mouth to mouth contact “the germs free family” as they say.

From chocolate, candy, macaroons, jelly and popcorn to even jerky, chili and ketchup; anything you think of eating is either infused with THC or CBD.

But it doesn’t stop here, you may not be hungry. In this case you can find everything from Lip balms, rubs, lotions and creams.

Om Edibles brought forward THC based edibles for adults that want to have fun and CBD infused edibles for patience. With 30 different topical and edible products, divided half half Om edibles even thought of making a CBD infused raw sipping cacao.

But the fun doesn’t end here. During all this testing of crazy buds, concentrates, edibles and lotions live music was played. The headliners were: The Roots, De La Soul, Whiz Khalifa, Method Man and Redman.

SoCal Cannabis Cup 2015 vs SoCal Cannabis Cup 2016.

The SoCal 2016 Cannabis Cup ended after a fierce fight between competitors. Indica, Sativa and Hybrid THC and CBD flowers have been prized. The top three concentartes and non-solvent hash types have been named. And, the best three edible and topical products have been judged

But let’s take a look on what happened in 2015.

In the – THC Flowers – category in 2015 Mango Tango, Kosher Kush and Welness OG are top winners in the sativa, indica and hybrid categories. In this order, these three types of flowers are being produced by Elemental Seeds, Greenwolf LA with Kush Company and The W.E.E.D. in Studio City.

Other flowers flowers worth mentioning occupy 2nd and 3rd place on the winners list and are produced by Loud Seeds SL, Lorax Labs from CannaSutra Collective, and TLC Collective on 2nd Loud Berry Flower, Lorax OG and Orange Cookies. While 3rd place is reserved for Tangie, Dr. K’s Paris OG Kush and 2010 Grizzly Genetics produced by Greenthumbs, Cali Natural Collective and Grizzly Genetics in collaboration with Patients Premium Collective.


Compared to 2015, in 2016 SoCal brought forward more strains and more companies. Also, more varied edible and topical, products and producers.

The 1st place in the sativa, indica and hybrid Category is held by Mega Queso, Grape Stomper OG and CannaSutra OG. These strains are produced by Happy Leaf with Nameless Genetics, Mass Cannabis and Chronic Capital with Lorax Labs and CannaSutra.

The surprise in this category comes with Lorax Labs and CannaSutra which in collaboration with Chronic Capital produced CannaSutra OG. Last year, they occupied 2nd place in the indica category with Lorax OG. But this year, the collabo with Chronic Capital produced the strain that propelled them into 1st place in the hybrid category.

The 2nd place was occupied by You Don’t Know Jack, Kushco OG and LA Dizzy OG. Lorax Labs with Cannasutra snatched 2nd place in another collabo with 420DLVRY bringing forward You Don’t Know Jack. It was a very good year for Lorax Labs.

Differently The W.E.E.D. Studio City dropped down from first in the hybrid category in 2015 to 2nd on indica in 2016 with Kushco OG. Thus the hybrid category in 2nd place was filled by Crown Genetics with Greenwolf.

Greenwolf snatched another nominalization in 3rd place, sativa, with Purple Tangie. In the indica section JAH Cookies took 3rd with JAHnetics. And Rare Dankness with Starkiller OG filled in the 3rd place hybrid category.



In 2015 CBD buds have been categorized by their CBD content. Moxie Seeds & Extracts, Growers Guild and Greenwolf LA with Vegan Buddha have taken the first three places. In this order, V.C.D.C. Vitamin CBD and Vegan Buddha Milagro are the top thre CBD buds at the SoCal 2015 Cannabis Cup.


In 2016 Terraform Genetics, Guild Cannabis and Med Tree Seeds and Brown Dog Cannabis dominated the scene. In this order,,Mai Tai Cookies, Vitamin CBD and Toci, are the absplute winners. The second place was also held by Vitamin CBD, exactly like in 2015, the only difference being that this year it is produced by Guild Cannabis and not Growers Guild.



Credits: High Times – Youtube


Reef Jerky, Crème Brûlée 50 mg and Cali High Thai’d Ice Cream were the absolute winners in the edible category. These three products were represented by Badfish Extracts & Healthy Healing, Beezle’s Creamery with Beezle Extracts and Beezle’s Creamery.


Honey Pot Bear Balm (which also won the World Cannabis Cup 2015), Om Edibles Medicated Lavender Epsom Salts and Sextiva Vaginal Sexual Enhancement Oil are the best three topical products to win the challenge. They were represented by Pure Joy Collective, Om Grown All Female Collective and Innovative Extractions.



At the 2016 SoCal High Times Medical Cannabis Cup the first three winners on the edible section were the 500mg Pizza Sauce, Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate Crunch Punch Bar and the Gravity Lock.with Paris OG. Clean Healing, Punch Edibles and MaGooch brought foreward three amazing products for you to taste.


In 2016 the topical section was a little less hot then last year taking into consideration that no sexual enhancement oil or spray had got the podium. Instead the Prana Roll On, Veganic Dragon Balm and the Treat It – Extra Strength Pain Stick were winners. Harborside Health Center, Buds and Roses Collective and Gem Stonz Botanicals were the three brands that created this years best three topical products for you to enjoy.


So what do you think about the 2016 SoCal High Times Cannabis Cup ?

What was your favorite bud or product ?



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