Steamroller Pipe With Cool Clear Design

clear orange steamroller pipe

Orange Steamroller Pipe

This steamroller pipe is a gorgeous work of art. Handmade and hand blown by US local glass blowers in Oregon it is so beautiful that you don’t even dare smoke from it.

It’s beautiful, powerful and heavy. Made out from high-grade quality borosilicate glass, this steamroller is unique. With a inside-out construction, white colored with a thick layer of clear glass on top and features a elegant design. Black dots near the bowl, and an orange zig-zag curved pattern near the mouthpiece.

Manufactured by Mountain Jam Company, the pipe measures 9 inch (22.8 cm)

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black clear steamroller pipe

Black Steamroller Pipe

You want the flavor of a bong hit, but the comfort of a pipe? This steamroller is the option.

Beautiful design, power and comfort in a massive dry pipe. Hand blown by US local glass blowers in Oregon, this one piece hand pipe is ready to be your best friend anytime.

Made from high-quality heat resistant borosilicate glass, white fumed, with a thick layer of clear glass on top it features amazing patterns. From tiny to big dots and curved lines all handmade from high-grade glass colored in black with brown shades.

Manufactured by Mountain Jam Company, this steamroller measures 8 inch (20.3 cm) and has 25 mm thick glass.

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blue clear steamroller pipe

Blue Steamroller Pipe

This clear glass steamroller with amazing colorful design is specially hand blown for herb lovers just like you!

Completely handmade from high-grade, quality borosilicate glass and blown by US local glass blowers. It features curved lines, dots and an amazing pattern near the mouthpiece, all colored with different blue and amber shades.

It is a massive hand pipe, with 38 mm glass thickness ready to offer you full flavored hits.
Manufactured by Mountain Jam Glass Company, it measures 10 inch (25.5 cm) and all steamrollers are unique.

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