Synthetic Cannabis K2. It’s Bad for You!

What is K2?

K2 is a synthetic cannabinoid. It is called synthetic cannabinoid due to its similarity with the chemicals found in cannabis. It is actually a man-made mind-altering chemical, not natural as in cannabis. These substances are sold in their liquid form or sprayed over shredded plants.

This substance is classified as a “new psychoactive substance” which intends to imitate the effect of illegal drugs.

For many years, synthetic cannabinoids were available in paraphernalia shops, gas stations and on the Internet. But now, because of the chemicals found in the drug, the authorities decided to make it illegal to buy, to possess or to manufacture.

Even though the drug is now illegal, it still exists, sold under the names as Black Mamba, Joker, Kronic or Spice.

It is also called “fake weed” or synthetic marijuana, but don’t let them fool you. It’s not weed!

How do synthetic drugs affect you?

K2’ s chemical composition behaves at first just like marijuana but accentuated. It gives you an elevate mood and relaxation.

Soon after appearing on the market, numerous people who consumed the drug ended up in hospital with several psychotic symptoms.

Among these psychotic symptoms are severe hallucinations, paranoia, confusion or extreme anxiety.

Also, effects on the body were not excluded. Vomiting, rapid heart rate and thus elevated blood pressure are just a few of them.

Some synthetics drug users also experienced kidney damage or seizures.

Is K2 addictive?

All the synthetic drugs are addictive from the first use. Users of the drug who were willing to quit faced a painful withdrawal. Among the symptoms are severe headaches, depression and anxiety.

Until now, no medicine was used to cure this addiction.



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