Synthetic Cannabis Undermining Prison Control

Synthetic cannabis has been found in UK prisons. The new prisons inspector has affirmed that such drugs are undermining the law and order in prisons around the country.

Peter Clarke, the chief inspector, also said that these drugs like spice and mamba, can not be compared with nothing seen by the prison staff. They need to stop drug supply behind bars.
With almost the same effects on the brain as normal cannabis but with much more potency, these drugs are to be feared.

The new Psychoactive Substances Act was set to be approved by the government last month, but the law was delayed. Due to it’s postponement, the production and distribution couldn’t be stopped and the legal highs are still in everyone’s hands.

Synthetic cannabis and “legal highs” are not allowed in prison. They make the prisoners more violent and unstable.
Mr Clarke said that the presence of these very dangerous and psychoactive drugs in prisons had totally undermined the normal prison life.This synthetic cannabis can be either sold as liquid, to be vaporized or sprayed on dried, shredded plants.

Rehabilitation for Addicted Prisoners Trust or RAPt have reported a 7 fold increase in the number of those seeking help with NPS (New Psychoactive Substances).

In 2013, 120 deaths involving NPS were declared by the government in England, Wales and Scotland.

PPO (Prison and Probation Ombudsman) also published a report in July which says that legal highs ware the cause of death to at least 19 prisoners nationwide in 2012 and 2014



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