The Mango Marijuana Effect


Does eating mango affect your marijuana high ?

Why mango and not bananas or avocado or any other fruit? Not only that mango is high on vitamin C and A but it’s also high in myrcene molecules which can expanse, strengthen and even extend euphoric feelings from smoking marijuana.

The Mango Marijuana Effect.



Myrcene is an organic compound hydrocarbon (natural olefinic) which is responsible for the fragrance of Valencia oranges, walnuts and apricots . Its mostly used in the perfume industry. You can also find it in West Indian Bay Tree, verbena, lemon grass ,marijuana and hops(that’s why sometimes a fresh opened beer smells like pot).

You can already find in marijuana more than 100 terpene molecules that affect THC in the brain by giving highs, their declines and flows. Beside terpenes, marijuana contains myrcene terpene more than any other. So if you eat a rich in myrcene mango before smoking, you can increase the high by up to 20% and also split in half the time needed for THC to pass through the BBB( blood brain barrier).

With an excellent source of myrcene are the Cavalo, Paulista,Rosa and Espada mango variety. If you want to obtain the maximum results from mango make sure that you’re eating properly. If you have a normal metabolism eat the mango or a fresh mango juice an hour before smoking. On high metabolism eat it 45 min before and for a slower metabolism eat the mango 90 minutes before to give your body time to digest and asimilate the myrcene.

Eating a mango before smoking is also highly recommended for medical marijuana consumers because halves the time needed to pass through the BBB. That reliefs the patients pain earlier than a normal consuming.

Also a great property of mango is its right level in dietary fibers that helps you trim the junk food craving when the munchies come.

So whether you want to increase your high, relief the pains earlier or get rid of those junky unhealthy, munchies eat a mango .

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