The New Age of Cannabis Topicals



Cannabis Topicals

Most people use marijuana as a recreational drug for “the high” effect, and consume it in its natural form, like buds or hashish, dabs or oil. Others for its medical benefits. But have you ever thought of rubbing your skin with it? or putting it on your lips? (okay….i know this sounds a little awkward but wait to see the effects)

It’s al about topicals. The new method for cannabis consumption.

What are topicals?

Topicals are cannabis infused balms, soaps, lotions, lubricants and oil that are absorbed into the skin for local pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, different types of allergies and other skin issues. Because they have a non-psychoactive effect (don’t get you high) are mostly used by the patients who want the therapeutic benefit from marijuana.

Cannabis-infused topicals in beauty line?

We all know those “miracle” ultra expensive anti-aging lotion full of chemicals. But now you have another natural option. Scientists are developing a new anti-aging cream with cannabinoids extracts. Non-psychoactive cannabinoids are more powerful antioxidants even than vitamin A, C and E. Antioxidants reduces wrinkles and prevents skin damage caused by smoke, UV ray and environmental pollution. Now you can use a cannabis infused lotion for protecting yourself and your family while going to the beach. Because of its benefits, it also prevents skin cancer like melanoma.

Medical benefits of cannabis-infused topicals

Human body has cannabinoid receptors all throughout the skin, owing to the fact that the endocannabinoid system plays a major role of body’s injures and pain response. so where is your skin irritated or damaged, the endocannabinoids are there to interact with cannabis compounds. So, a cannabis infused lotion and cream can help you with several skin damages like:


Swollen joints or puffy under eye skin? now you can reduce them and improve your life quality by applying cannabis tincture right on damaged areas. Several people with rheumatoid arthritis have also noticed a pain relief and a better sleep at night.

Pain management

We all know that medical marijuana also helps in pain relief. But now you have the topical version of it. When in pain, rub a little cannabis infused cream in that specific location and you will notice a much faster pain relief than usual smoking, and without the high feeling.

Burn treatment

During a fire accident a man suffered several burns on 20% of body. An experiment was made and he treated half of the burns with cannabis oil, and the other half with antibiotic cream. During the treatment he noticed that the part, treated with cannabis oil, healed faster that the other one.

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