Top 3 Affordable Black Leaf Dome Bongs

The bong is made from quality, 5 mm thick, borosilicate glass and it’s covered with different heat-resistant colors and acid-proof flames. This bong can be “the one” for your. It has a stable round-shaped foot with a 18 inch (46 cm) tube, 2.2 inch (55 mm) diameter, a downstem length of 4.7 inches (12 cm) and a spacious bowl with a 14.5 mm male joint.

It has a thick mouthpiece, a carb hole and a slitted inside cut 18.8>14.5 mm diffuser downstem

The Black Leaf – Flames Glass Bong manufactured by Black Leaf comes with a logo on the bowl and tube.

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flaming-skull-amber-1 flaming-skull-amber-1
flaming-skull-amber-2 flaming-skull-amber-2
flaming-skull-amber-3 flaming-skull-amber-3
flaming-skull-amber-4 flaming-skull-amber-4

The Flaming Skull Percolator Bong is made from amber colored glass, 5 mm thick and a “Flaming Skull” design. It comes with a water chamber, percolator, a mouth ring and an ash catcher, all made from amber colored glass. The Flaming Skull Percolator Bong is manufactured by Black Leaf. This Ice Bong has a tube of 19.7 inch (50 cm ), a diameter of 50 mm and a joint size of 18.8 mm. The bong is specially made for your favorite herbs so, don’t be shy, try it!

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flaming-skull-blue-1 flaming-skull-blue-1
flaming-skull-blue-2 flaming-skull-blue-2
flaming-skull-blue-3 flaming-skull-blue-3

Made from clear, quality glass, 5 mm thick, with a blue stable round base, a mouthpiece and blue glass bowl, the Flaming Skull Dome Perc Ice Bong is a hell of a bong. Also not to mention that it also comes with that cool blue Flamingo Skull logo.

It has a clear glass dome perculator, a glass bowl with rollstoppers ,a carb hole equipped with a carb stopper and ice notches.

Manufactured by Black Leaf, the tube height is 19.6 inch (50 cm), with a 50 mm diameter, an ideal 5.1 inch (13 cm) downstem length and a joint size 18.8 mm. And all this is for you! So be a happy stoner with your new Flaming Skull Dome Perc Ice Bong.

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