Top 3 Carved Rosewood Herb Grinders

wood-stone-leaf-grinder-2 wood-stone-leaf-grinder-2
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Didn’t you have enough of those plastic grinders? Try the Rosewood Herb Grinders.

Well, this rosewood herb grinder may be a better option for your needs. It is made from natural rosewood and has strong steel pin teeth. The wood is amazingly carved and feature a soapstone cannabis leaf on top plus awesome patterns on its sides. It is a 2 piece grinder with a 35 mm diameter and a height of only 20 mm.

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wood-leaf-grinder-1 wood-leaf-grinder-1

This grinder has a yo-yo shape, with flat bottom made from wood. Not any kind of wood, but rosewood. It holds inside a number of sturdy pin teeth made out of steel which will perfectly smash down your herb. On top of the 20 mm yo-yo grinder you find a gorgeous carved in leaf plus edges with a carved pattern. It is made out of 2 parts and has a 45 mm diameter.

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wood-stone-om-grinder-1 wood-stone-om-grinder-1
wood-stone-om-grinder-2 wood-stone-om-grinder-2

This grinder is made out of rosewood and has a carved soapstone on top. On its edges, it has a carved-in motif. Also, the soapstone has a Om symbol carved in which makes the beautiful grinder complete. This 2 pieces grinder has a height of 20 mm and a 35 mm diameter. Inside, on both sides it has steel pin teeth attached which grind up your herb in no time.

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