Top 3 Ehle Hexagonal Base Monster Bongs

ehle-hexagonal-1 ehle-hexagonal-1
ehle-hexagonal-2 ehle-hexagonal-2
ehle-hexagonal-3 ehle-hexagonal-3
ehle-hexagonal-4 ehle-hexagonal-4
ehle-hexagonal-5 ehle-hexagonal-5

Made from the highest quality, clear borosilicate glass with a signed bowl, downsteam and a minimalist yellow EHLE logo this bong is beautiful în its simple design.

The 1000 ml EHLE Glass Reactor Bong with Hexagonal Foot is a affordable option to the high precision EHLE bong brand. It features a simple 18.8 mm herb bowl, a 18.8 mm male downsteam and a 18.8 mm sturdy female joint. Also the wide base and hexagonal foot make a very stable water pipe. The wide base allows for your smoke to cool down before running up the thin long neck and through the comfortable, thick mouthpiece into your lungs. The water pipe is 17.7 inch in size and has a glass thickness of 5 mm.

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ehle-ice-hexagonal-1 ehle-ice-hexagonal-1
ehle-ice-hexagonal-2 ehle-ice-hexagonal-2
ehle-ice-hexagonal-3 ehle-ice-hexagonal-3
ehle-ice-hexagonal-4 ehle-ice-hexagonal-4
ehle-ice-hexagonal-5 ehle-ice-hexagonal-5
ehle-ice-hexagonal-6 ehle-ice-hexagonal-6
ehle-ice-hexagonal-7 ehle-ice-hexagonal-7
ehle-ice-hexagonal-8 ehle-ice-hexagonal-8
ehle-ice-hexagonal-9 ehle-ice-hexagonal-9

Made from the highest quality, clear, 5 mm borosilicate glass with a clear, black outlined EHLE logo and a signed bowl, downsteam and dome perc, this bong takes the simple minimalist look to the next level. Beauty in simplicity!

The EHLE Glass Simple Dome Perc Ice Bong with Hexagonal Foot has a German precision construction from a brand with tradition in bong making, dating since the 1960. It features a 18.8 mm glass herb bowl, a 18.8 mm downstem, which fits perfect in the 18.8 mm female joint and a dome showerhead percolator. This bong takes cooling and filtering seriously with the showerhead diffuser. It separates the smoke in thousand of bubbles in order for you to get a soft, cool hit. Also, it takes the cooling action further using ice notches that are placed next to the dome perc, so you can fit in some cubes and experience a really cool full flavored hit. At 17.1 inch (43.5 cm) it works perfectly together with the cooling system to bring you a good amount of full flavored smoke at a cool temperature.

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ehle-2000ml-1 ehle-2000ml-1
ehle-2000ml-2 ehle-2000ml-2
ehle-2000ml-3 ehle-2000ml-3
ehle-2000ml-4 ehle-2000ml-4
ehle-2000ml-5 ehle-2000ml-5
ehle-2000ml-6 ehle-2000ml-6
ehle-2000ml-7 ehle-2000ml-7
ehle-2000ml-8 ehle-2000ml-8

Made of the highest quality, clear, 4 mm borosilicate glass with a modern red and black outlined logo, plus a signed downsteam and bowl, all on a massive 2000 ml cylinder, old school bong.

The 2000 ml EHLE Glass Straight Cylinder Bong with Ice Notches is another high quality product from the well known EHLE brand. It features a medium, funnel shaped bowl, a non-diffuser downsteam and a 2000 ml volume for that huge old school hit. At 18.5 inch (46 cm) high and a huge diameter of 65 mm this bong takes în a lot of smoke. Because of the high quantity of smoke the water pipe was also fitted with ice notches, so you can cool it down for a cold, full flavored hit.

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