Top 3 Marbled, Carved, Stone Herb Grinder

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The Bulldog Stone Herb Grinder

Hell, this is a must-have! It is actually a stone, carved in the shape of a grinder. It is made from natural marbled stone, carved carefully until the grinder shape is achieved. It’s a 2 parts grinder, with flat bottom and an amazing carved top. On top it it carved the official Amsterdam Bulldog.
It comes together with two rubber friction rings which will protect the grinder from eroding.

The grinder features, strong steel pins that will smash any kind of herb, making it perfect for a smoking session.

It comes in a elegant red velvet storage box with metal clasps. So, due to the fancy box, it can be perfect for present, or why not, a present for yourself.

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Leaf Stone Herb Grinder

This grinder has a latte color and a round shape with a flat bottom. Did I forgot to mention that it’s made out if a stone? Yes, it is! A beautiful cream-colored stone cut in 2 parts, which together come to be a grinder.

The top part has a detailed leaf carved in with an interesting pattern on the sides. The bottom part is flat, allowing you to store it wherever you want. Inside, the grinder, is spacious enough for your favorite herbs. it comes complete with steel pin teeth on each side. And it measures 5.6 cm.

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India Stone Herb Grinder

What a beauty! This grinder is also made out of a stone and this gives it that rough look. The stone is carved in two equal parts, which put together, make up this unique grinder. The top part has a beautiful pattern carved on, and the bottom part is flat. It also has a yo-yo shape, which is actually kind of funny. Imagine putting a string on it and playing while stoned. Well that wouldn’t really work. So don’t try it!

Inside, the grinder features steel pin teeth on both sides and it is roomy enough to satisfy your “hunger”. Choose right, grind with style, and be careful not to slip it on floor.

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