Top 3 Natural Soapstone Herb Grinders

ying-iang-stone-grinder-1 ying-iang-stone-grinder-1
ying-iang-stone-grinder-2 ying-iang-stone-grinder-2
ying-iang-stone-grinder-3 ying-iang-stone-grinder-3
ying-iang-stone-grinder-4 ying-iang-stone-grinder-4

Yin Yang Soapstone Herb Grinders

The yin yang, Soapstone Herb Grinders is a 25 mm high, beautiful addition to your herb grinder set. It is carved out of natural soapstone and features a fine, yin yang carving on the top. The bottom has a soft finish which comes together beautifully with the overall design. Because it is made out of natural stone the grinder has a rubber friction ring that ensures your lids don’t grind themselves away with time. The colors of the grinder you receive may vary as it is carved out of natural soapstone so the photo you see represent the most common types.

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stone-om-grinder-1 stone-om-grinder-1
stone-om-grinder-2 stone-om-grinder-2
stone-om-grinder-3 stone-om-grinder-3
stone-om-grinder-4 stone-om-grinder-4

Om Symbol Soapstone Herb Grinders

The Om symbol, soapstone, grinder is also a small grinding tool. At 25 mm in height this grinder can be taken anywhere you go. It is made out of natural soapstone and features sturdy pin teeth to easily grind any type of herb. Also, because it is made out of natural stone, it features the rubber friction ring which stops it from wearing down with use. As it is made from natural stone, the color patterns may vary so the pictures you see represent the most common colors in this collection.

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stone-smooth-grinder-1 stone-smooth-grinder-1
stone-smooth-grinder-2 stone-smooth-grinder-2
stone-smooth-grinder-3 stone-smooth-grinder-3
stone-smooth-grinder-4 stone-smooth-grinder-4

Smooth Soapstone Herb Grinders

The smooth lid, soapstone, herb grinder shows beauty in simplicity. It has a overall smooth finish which highlights the stones color patterns. At a size of 25 mm in height, this grinder is easily taken around or stored. Because of it’s design no one will notice this is a grinder, it really looks like it’s just a decorative smooth soapstone. Also, it features the rubber friction rings and sturdy steel pin teeth for easy grinding.

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