Top Premium Bongs by Blaze Glass

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Gold Fumed Top Premium Bongs

The clear borosilicate top premium bongs construction, gold fumed mouthpiece, splash guard, spiral perc and base plus the marble rollstoppers combined with the sand blasted Blaze Glass logo make a really beautiful water pipe.

The Blaze Glass, Premium Spiral Perc, Beaker Base, Ice Bong, Gold fumed is a awesome deal for its price. It features a downstream slitted diffuser, that breaks up the bubbles for a cold, filtered smoke. Then it uses a spiral percolator and a splash guard to keep the water away from the mouthpiece. It has a 18.8 inch (48 cm) height and a diameter of 51 mm, which means this bong will build up a pretty big hit. Also the 5 mm borosilicate glass construction will offer a sturdy water pipe.

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Flash Top Premium Bongs

Made out of clear, quality borosilicate glass and a sand blasted Blaze Glass logo this bong is simple but beautiful. Also, the beaker base works perfect with the whole design. The smoke builds up in the base, then in a medium and then in a smaller bubble before ending in the mouthpiece.

The Blaze Glass Flash Premium 7 mm Glass Bong with Flash Vortex Precooler is one sturdy water pipe. Made out of 7 mm thick borosilicate glass, this bong will be a strong tool in your collection. It features a vortex chamber that creates a swirl action which cools down your smoke. The result is a smooth smoke inhalation that will let you enjoy smoking without harshness. It is 20.1 inch (51 cm) high and has a diameter of 50 mm. That really makes for a big hit.

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Spiral Perc Top Premium Bongs

A dark blue base, glass spiral, splash guard and mothpiece, all combined with clear borosilicate glass, marble rollstoppers and a sand blasted Blaze Glass logo make this a awesome looking bong.

The Blue Blaze Glass Premium Spiral Perc Beaker Base Ice Bong is a really good deal. Featuring a glass spiral percolator, a downstream diffuser and a splash guard it has all you need for a smooth, full flavor smoking session. It is 18.8 inch (48 cm) high and has a diameter of 51 mm which is big enough for your hunger of smoke. Also it is made out of high quality 5 mm borosilicate glass and thus a sturdy water pipe.

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6 Arm Perc Top Premium Bongs

A simple but beautiful design. Clear borosilicate glass with a black base and mouthpiece, plus black 6 arm perc and black splashguard. Plus, on top of this, a sand blasted Blaze Glass logo. Beautifull piece!

The Blaze Glass Premium 6 arm Perc Cilinder Ice Bong is one of the heavy weights. It features a diffuser downsteam and a reinforced 6 arm slitted tree percolator. All of this is used to break down the bubbles în order to cool down and filter the smoke for your throat and lungs. But don’t forget, this is a ice bong! So go ahed and fit în some cubes for even more chilling power. On top, it also features a splash guard. This is a pretty big bong. At 19.3 inch (49 cm) and a 51 mm diameter this bong will fill your longs with smoke in one hit. The construction is made of high quality, 5 mm borosilicate glass which if taken care of will last a life time. Awesome bong for a day to day user!

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