Tutankhamon Feminized Seeds


Tutankhamon feminized Seeds make you think of old Egypt… Why not go there?

If you are looking for a exceptional plant, you should try the Tutankhamon feminized seed. Also named King Tut.

King Tut is a indica/sativa hybrid seed but it has more of a Sativa dominance taken from the very well known Ak 47 genetics. These medium time flowering plant has one of the highest percentage of THC in the business,it goes up to 33 %.

For a grower nothing can be easier, 100% feminized seeds, easy to grow your own mother plant, fast and good and small, compact full of resin buds. Since it’s highly branched you will have a lot of clones to work with. The average height of the indoor grown plant is about 80 to 110 cm and for the outdoor it’s about 100 to 200 cm ,they produce impressive fat buds within max 65 days of flowering. Grown outdoors the plant would be ready in the mid of October. Carefully select a not so humid spot for it because it is prone to fungal attacks due to their compact buds. When harvested the Tutankhamon will have about 500-600g for the indoor ones and between 500 to 1500g per plant outdoors.

For the consumers this amazing feminized seeds are a blessing. The effect of the King is impressive and long lasting. Tutankhamon is a euphoric, happy plant with a hit of fruity taste which will indulge your taste.

It is said that there are a few bunch of people that can smoke a full joint because it offers you a fast relief, you can’t even imagine, it’s a must try product.

For the medical use the results were amazing too. Consumers have shown increased appetite, pain relief. Forget about the muscle pain or the insomnia, all you need is a bit of King Tut.




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