Unique Handmade Spoon Pipes

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The Eyeball Glass Unique Handmade Spoon Pipes

The white frit colored bowl with the blue-green front pupil and the fumed stem with red veins running down, make this a scary but awesome addition to your smoking collection. Also the fumed glass changes color with buildup over time. Thus your pipes color will improve. But if you like it as it is, with a thorough cleaning it will return to it’s original color.

The Eyeball with Fume and White Frit Glass Spoon Pipe is a spooky smoking tool probably best for those high times at Halloween. Made from heavy, high quality, borosilicate glass and hand blown in Oregon, this pipe is of exceptional quality at a fraction of the price. Being hand-made by artists, this US made pipe will always be one of a kind.

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Gold and Silver Fume Unique Handmade Spoon Pipes

Made out of thick glass with clear dots, spirals and color marbles on silver and gold fumed glass, this pipe is a eye catcher. While it’s hand blown by artist in Oregon all pipes are unique.

The colored Glass with Gold and Silver Fume Spoon Pipe comes in two colors, black or cobalt blue. These pipes are hand blown by artists so every pipe you receive will be one of a kind. The color pattern might be slightly different but the basic design will be the same. Also, precious metals are used in the construction process so that’s how this pipe will have color changing effects. With heat and buildup, the color will improve but if you like this pipe as you receive it, you can always give it a thorough wash and it will get back to it’s original color..

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7 Color Choice Glass Unique Handmade Spoon Pipes

Made out of thick glass, a inside out frame, fumed glass and color marbles these pipes are just gorgeous. Also they come in 7 colors of your choice: black, ruby, orange and yellow, aqua and white, aqua and mint, blue and white plus red and white.

This heavy inside out frame with color work Glass Spoon pipe comes in a choice of 7 colors. These pipes are also hand-blown by an Oregon collective of artists so every pipe you ceceive will be unique. Being made of a fumed glass the color of the pipe will improve over time but can be brought back to its original color with a thorough clean-up.

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