Uruguay From Legalization to Harvest

In order to fight drug related crimes Uruguay planned to legalize marijuana growing, state controlled of course, and so they did. This proposal came up in June 2012 when the President Mujica thought it would be a good plan to reduce the profits made by organized crime from drug trafficking. It was a good idea since the murder rates in the region has decreased based on an estimate done in 2013. The president also declared that this proposal came in as a “contribution for humanity” and it will backtrack if something goes wrong.



The Legalization

The law was approved in December 2013 by the government which controlled the entire production as well the quality and price of the final product, however the law was postponed in July 2014 until 2015. Apparently because of some “difficulties” and still it was said that the authorities will grow all the cannabis, that can and will be sold legally with THC levels at 15% or even lower.

Since the legalization, the Uruguayan pharmacies announced that three types of marijuana are expected to hit up in 2016, those three options have indications of each point, from beginners to high THC consumers.

How much can you buy?

As a local you can buy up to 40 grams per month at about 1$, which is very affordable. More than 3200 people registered until 2015 to grow up to six plants for personal use. Uruguay also granted growing licenses for two companies and they are also working on the possibility of exporting medical marijuana to the US and Europe.

It took a bit longer than expected as the law was implemented two years ago. The government broke their own deadlines based on the fact that they want everything to be done at a high level of perfection, They wouldn’t want to ruin an experience which is supposed to be so unique to the world.

And yes it did take a bit longer than expected but the first legal harvest is here! The two licensed companies announced their first harvest. It is said that each of the hundreds of plants will give no less that 300 grams and that the plants were grown in licensed indoor growing rooms and greenhouses.

When can you buy legal marijuana in Uruguay?

The pharmacies are preparing to welcome the new harvest as the president of the National Drug Board announced it.The harvest still need 6 weeks for drying and packing before arriving in stores.

Uruguayans, by August you will be able to purchase your packets, the price is all set, so just wait a bit more. At 1 euro or 1.20$ you can purchase a 5 or 10 grams packet.

The drugstores will be monitored and expected to refill every 15 days. With proper identification you will be able to purchase up to 40 grams per month.

Thanks to President Mujica, everything is easier and the initiative of the lower murder rates went as expected, hopefully other presidents will follow your example Sir!



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