Vaporite Platinum Plus – The Iphone of Vaporizers

herb + Wax + E-Juice

Lifetime Warranty

3 Voltage Settings

Bluetooth to Smartphone

Automatic Tank Detection

Automatic Power Setting

High Quality

Glass on Glass Design

Best Price


vaporite platinum plus vaporizer multifunctional pack

Vaporite Platinum Plus Company Profile


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Let’s see what Vaporite has to say about themselves.

Vaporite states that the company started producing vaporizers in 2007. And after it clears out some terminology regarding the types of vaporizers on the market today they state thay are the first to introduce desktop vaporizers. We are not sure what vaporizer they are telling us about but we know that Storz and Bickel produce desktop vaporizers at least since its restructuring in 2002. But this is not important as long as you get a awesome vaporizer, right? Plus, we are interested in their multifunctional Vaporizer Pens here.

What we know is that Vaporite is one of the highest rated producers of vaporizers on the market. Almost always having a product in the top 10 vaporizers of the year. Plus, the company sells its products worldwide. Which cleares a bit the public perception of the company.

Vaporite has been recognized as a trademark in USA, China, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zeeland and the European countries. And also sell high numbers of products in Netherlands, Canada, UK, Spain, Germany, Austria and Japan.

The company’s concept is to bring forward premium vaporizers at low prices so everyone can enjoy a high quality product. Thus, Vaporite is introducing advanced technology in the construction of their vaporizer. But, this is done effective in order to satisfy consumers, while maintaining a optimal price. They don’t only integrate what is technologically possible but what is also useful.

You are probably asking yourself why we are calling this vaporizer pen the iphone of vaporizers. Don’t worry because you will understand as soon as you go through our review. For the construction of this device, you will find out what high-end technology has been involved in the creation of the pen and the high quality materials that have been used. Also we will show you the versatility that this pen provides regarding to what you can vape with it. Plus, the software which provides the customizability of the power setting. As well as how this device will help you monitor your vaping sessions. This is the true smart vaporizer!   

So let’s take a look at the Vaporite Platinum Plus and what it has to offer.

The Vaporite Platinum Plus is one of the most amazing weed pens for vaporizing that you’ll find on the market. This kit is a 3 in 1 vaporizer. That means you can use all substances such as: oils, herbs, concentrates, waxes and all of the varieties that can be found like cannabis extracts, no matter of different viscosity and material densities.This is the first pen considered as a smart vaporizer because of its brilliant technology. If you want a high end technology vaporizer kit, the Platinum Plus has been reviewed as one of the most impressive ones in the world.

vaporite platinum plus conect register app


Why so smart?

vaporite platinum plus app menu

As we said this is a smart vaporizing pen. Why smart? Just look at this incredible Blue-tooth technology. You can now synchronize the performance of your pen from your own smart phone. The pen has a microprocessor chip inside that makes it capable of being gauged, monitored and controlled. You can be sure you won’t find better results in a normal kit.

The Platinum Plus Vaporizer is one of the very few pens on the market that uses smart vaporizing technology. But how does it work? As we have said before the vaporizer contains a microchip and sensors which detect which head is on. Thus it knows what you are going to vaporize. Being a 3 in 1 pen you can choose between wax, herbs or e-juice and the pen knows what you are vaping at any time.

Also, the Platinum Plus is equipped with bluetooth technology. It is not enough that the pen knows what you are doing, you also need to see the stats and optimize it to your preference. So, using the bluetooth you can connect your vaporizer to your phone that obviously after you’ve download the app.
So check out the App Store or Google Play in order to download the Vaporite app. After you’ve download it, remember to have your bluetooth activated so you’ll be able to connect with your pen. Now, connect your phone to the Platinum Plus and remember to register your product. This is it. You are good to go.

So all you need to do is connect your smartphone to an App store and try a Vaporite Application. Download it and install it in order to control your vape kit.

By using the app you can set up your Vaporite Platinum Plus to do almost anything you want in order to have the perfect but calculated vaping experience. Regarding to the vaporizer, through the app, you can set up the wattage you would like the vaporizer to work on. Remember that the wattage difference brings different vaping experiences. So, play with it a bit and discover your favorite setting.

Basically, you can control the precise wattage and temperature control settings as well as gauge your personal:preferences.

But this is not it. The wattage setting only helps you set up your pen. Now, with the smart vaping technology you can set up and monitor how much you smoke. Isn’t this cool? The Platinum Plus knows what you vape and how many puffs you take. You can set up a daily limit and monitor how much you smoke. Now, the Vaporite Platinum Plus vaporizer makes it easy for you to vape responsibly without overdoing your initial schedule. Smoke responsibly!

Vaporite Application Features:

– vaping stats
– variable vaporization setting performance
– record past vaping settings
– personal vaping assessments
– specific system analytics.
– puff counter
– vaping times.

vaporite platinum plus app manage smoking limit


The pens of all pens is a exquisite pen made of high quality components, the Vaporite Platinum Plus structure is made of stainless steel, its interior is made out of ceramic glass vapor path that is specially made for you to have a glass on glass experience.

By having this kind of design and structure the kit will not bring out the flavor of the vapor as testing of metal. Vapor chamber / vapor paths result in a metallic taste which let’s say is not that pleasant for any user.
The tiny vaporizer will fit in your pocket just perfect. With its dimension this pen can be taken anywhere and used while on the go. It’s practical and beautiful.

The pen’s outside design also takes part on the glass on glass experience because of the glass mouthpiece. Don’t worry, whatever the temperature, your lips won’t be burned. You can use it safely, with any temperature as the advanced airflow adjustment with the powerful induction heating won’t produce excessive heat but it will focus on the heating of the wax, herb or concentrate material.

You will not be surprised to find out that the tank is made out of thick pyrex glass with inner ceramic heating and outer adjustable airflow holes. The Wax chamber is also built out of stainless steel outside following pyrex glass vents. The herbal chamber is solid stainless steel with airflow ventilation that gives low resistance pulls.

vaporite platinum plus changing functiones


First let’s look at the battery. This is not a classic lithium-ion battery this is a mod which is a “supercharged” battery. Basically this is a carbon fiber battery which has SubXero technology embedded in it’s construction. But what does this mumbo-jumbo mean? It means that you get high performance at a high wattage from a battery this size. If you understand physics you should know that this battery is capable of heating up a coil with 0.5Ω – 3.0Ω with a power output of maximum 40W and a battery life of 2200mAh. Pretty impressive for a vaporizer pen this size.

Vaporite constantly invsts in their research and development department and digitally test all their products so you can rest assured that you will get a great product.The company integrates only useful, advanced technology in all their products so you don’t need to pay for what you don’t need.

With this high class kit you now have the ability to set the vaporizer in order to vape different types of materials. You can vaporize e-juices, hash oils, wax and herbal vaping materials. Each atomizer is specifically designed to vape each type of material that can be vaped. Because of the technology involved this vaporizer pen comes with an auto-detection option that will know the type of tank that’s attached to the battery.

vaporite platinum plus vaporizer herb wax e-liquid


You can not find a better vaporizer for liquids and waxes. The adjustable air-flow gives you the highest vapor density there is. So you will enjoy the best dab vaporizing session there is. It uses BVC coils that are replaceable, Japanese Organic cotton wicks and a Pyrex glass chamber with the glass mouthpiece. The Pyrex glass is made out of real high quality, so it will last you forever. The battery is very sensitive, with its sub-ohm feature between 0.5 to 3.0 ohms. So you can set the power with its adjustable wattage levels having 3 different colored LED lights that will lead you to the right setting that you think will work for your performance levels: 20 Watt (Dark Blue), 30 Watt (Green), 40 Watt (Red). Easy and intuitive, right?

vaporite platinum plus app set power watt


The dual-coil atomizer uses the highest quality, thick Pyrex glass chamber and a mouthpiece that has a wax tank made to give a high-grade wax dabbing performance .

Just load your wax or oil concentrate inside the atomizer and choose your needed temperature. Dark Blue LED light is the lowest wattage level of (20 Watts), Green is (30 Watts), Red is (40 Watts). Each level will give you a different performance. For wax dabs we suggest you use a medium wattage 25 to 30 Watts at a low temperature of approximately 365°F (185°C). You will realize that the pen is going to heat up almost instantly. Don’t forget you can use your app to set up your on or off settings for the pen or how many puffs you should take before ending a session. With this vaporizer and its app you will never forget and smoke to much!


Screw on the dry herb chamber and the LED temperature control lights will lead you with the perfect Fahrenheit temperature level settings on your Vaporite Platinum Plus. Set the adjustable temperature setting you need. There are 3 levels: Light Blue 365°F (185°C), Yellow 420°F (215°C) and Purple 440°F (227°C). Set your herbs inside a chamber that has no open coil. It will guarantee a pure induction heating, vaping system that will never burn or reach the combustion level for your material. So a pure vaping experience.

Vaporite Platinum Plus Size and Portability

This beautiful vaporizer pen which is extremely easy to use, also comes in a very small size for what it offers. You can vape everything you can think of, you have a long battery life, it is made out of high quality materials using high end technology, it is a smart vape and all of this in a small package. It’s size is 2.25 x 4.25 x 7.25 in (5.71 x 10.79 x 18.41 cm) which is perfect to be carried around in any pocket. So many options in such a small size.

But you might want to carry your whole kit. No problem. The kit comes with a beautiful carry around case which will keep everything organized and safe. This vaporizer is maybe on the expensive side of the vaporizer pens market but every spent dollar is worth it for what you get. This is surely the best vaporizer pen on the market today.

What more do we want? Nothing! I know I have found my favorite pen! You will for sure give this one a try!

So let’s see what you get next to the Vaporite Platinum Plus for your money:

1 piece Carbon Fiber Sub-Ohm Battery
1 piece E-Juice Tank w/ Coil
1 piece Wax Chamber w/ Atomizer
1 piece Dry Herb Attachment
1 piece Micro USB Charger
1 piece Cleaning Tool
1 piece Protective Carrying Case
1 piece Mesh Carrying Bag
1 Instruction Booklet


Best Price
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