grass logic dictionary


 Find weed related terminology suitable both for cannabis smokers and for the non-smokers in our weed dictionary . This is by all means not a complete dictionary but we are constantly adding new words to our list. If you want to add new words to this dictionary just contact us and tell us the word or expression you feel every weed enthusiast should know about and what it means.



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4:20 ( 420 ; 4/20) -  International time to smoke marijuana is 4:20 pm (420)
Acapulco Gold -  Strain of marijuana from Mexico
Aeroponics -  The process of growing plants ( weed) in an air or mist environment without use of soil or an aggregate medium.
airplane -  Term for marijuana
Apple pipe -  A pipe made by chopping an apple to inhale smoke through it
Babysitter -  Term for marijuana
backroll -  A method of rolling a marijuana cigar,different than the classic joint by rolling the paper backwards to minimize the quantity of the paper and maximize the cannabis taste
baggie -  Plastic bag used for holding weed
Bake sale -  Smoking session
Baker -  Marijuana smoker
Bammer -  Low quality marijuana
Bash -  Term for marijuana
Bhang -  Term for marijuana
Bhang -  Term used for marijuana.
Black -  Hash
blazed -  High; stoned
Blitzed -  High, stoned
blunt -  A cigar that has been hollowed,refilled with pot and rerolled
Bogart -  A person who is not passing the joint.
Bomner -  Joint
bong -  Device used for smoking marijuana. It gives the user the possibility of inhaling the cannabis after the smoke is filtered through water or different liquids.
Bong water -  The water from the bottom of the bong.Drinking it will not get you high but it can cause extreme stomach pain.
Bouldered -  Being high, stoned.
Bowl -  The part of a pipe or bong where the weed is placed.
Brick -  1 Kg of marijuana
Bubble -  Device for smoking weed
Bubbler- -  Device for smoking marijuana, smaller than a bong and without a removable bowl.
Budtender -  Person that works at a medical marijuana store
Caked -  Ultimate level of high
Can Pipe -  Device used for smoking marijuana made from a can.
Cannaflour -  Used for cooking, made from mixing the flour with ground marijuana
Cashed -  A bowl of marijuana which was finished.
CBD -  is a non-psychoactive substance found in cannabis along side with other 85 active cannabinoids. It can account for up to 40% of the plant's extract
Chamba -  African term for marijuana
Cheeba -  Term for marijuana
Chiefing -  Smoking marijuana
Chill -  relax / hang out
Chronic -  High qulity marijuana
Cola -  The top bud of a marijuana plant's main stem
Crossjoint -  Intersection of two joints that form a cross with three smoking ends.
Dab -  Highly concentrated cannabis extract
Dank -  Expression for something of high quality
Daytrippin' -  Being high during daytime.
Deal -  Action of marijuana purchasing.
Dealer -  A person who is selling drugs
Ditch weed -  Low quality marijuana
Doobie -  Term for joint
Downstem -  Device used for holding weed and inserting to a bong
Dry -  When the dealer runs out of marijuana
Edible -  Marijuana edibles such as brownies, cookies, space cakes, candy
Eighth -  1/8 ounce, portion of marijuana
Elevated -  Being high
Ent -  Marijuana smoker
Fatty -  Thick joint
Five O -  This means that the police is near by.
Ganja -  Term for marijuana.
Gasper -  Joint
Grass -  Term for marijuana
Green -  Marijuana / money
Green out -  Smoking to much marijuana leading sometimes to black out, vomiting.
Grinder -  Device used to grind up maijuana, to break it up in smaller pieces
Half ounce -  14 grams of marijuana
Haze -  Strain of Marijuana
Herb -  Term for marijuana.
High grade -  High quality marijuana.
Hog leg -  A very big joint.
Hook-up -  A person who provides marijuana
Hot Box -  Smoking in an enclosed area such as a car or small room with no window open, the smoke filling the room and being reinhaled.
Hybrid -  Strains made up of at least 2 other strains, most of them having Indica or Sativa dominance.
Indica -  It's a category of weed that causes a more powerfull buzz that is more of a body stone that can lead to couch lock.
J -  Slang term for joint.
Jay -  Slang term for joint
Joint -  Rolled marijuana cigarette
KGB -  "Killer Green Bud" , high quality marijuana.
Kush -  High quality strain of marijuana.
Laughing grass -  Term for marijuana that refers to which kind of a high the joint gives to the smoker
Left handed cigarette -  Slang term for a joint rolled perfectly
Lid -  Measure for weighting cannabis, about 21 grams
Light up -  To smoke.
Lit -  Being high.
Mary Jane -  Term for marijuana.
Mota -  Mexican term for marijuana
Muggle -  Joint.
Munchies -  The hunger sensation after smoking maijuana.
Nug jug -  Glass or plastic jar for holding your stash of weed.
Nutes -  Plant nutrients
OCB -  Brand of rolling pappers.
Ounce -  28 grams of marijuana.
Pakalolo -  Hawaiian term for marijuana.
Pipe -  Device used for smoking weed.
Pot -  Term for marijuana.
Pothead -  Habitual marijuana smoker.
Preroll -  A joint rolled before it's time to smoke it.
Puff puff pass -  A rule in a group of friends who smoke marijuana. The first person takes two hits and then pass it to the next person. The smoke is kept in the lungs until the joint comes back for another 2 hits.
Purp -  Slang word for high quality strain of marijuana also named Granddaddy Purp or Grapes, also used instead of Purple Haze .
Re-up -  Expression used by pot dealers meaning restocking the supplies.
Reefer -  Term for weed.
Regs -  Low quality cannabis.
Roach clip -  Metal device used to hold the joint when it's too small.
Rolling paper -  Thin paper used to make marijuana joints.
Salad bowl -  A mix from different types of marijuana in a bowl.
Sativa -  Type of marijuana.
Schwag -  Low quality marijuana.
Shotgun -  Inhaling smoke and exhaling into somenone else's mouth.
Sinsemilla -  Meaning "without seed".
Skin up -  Rolling a joint.
Skins -  Term for rolling papers.
Skunk -  Strong strain of marijuana.
Spliff -  A joint rolled with both marijuana and tobacco.
Sploof -  A plastic bottle filled with dryer sheets used to mask the smell of marijuana smoke.
Stash -  Personal supply of weed.
Steamroller -  Device used for smoking pot. Usually a steamroller is a pipe.
Sticky icky -  High quality marijuana with a sticky, gummy texture.
Stoned -  Being high.
Stoner -  A person who smokes marijuana often.
Swisher -  Term for blunt.
Thai Stick -  Strain of marijuana from Thailand.
THC -  Tetrahydrocannabinol, active element in marijuana that is responsible for making the user high.
Toker -  Marijuana smoker.
Tree -  Slang term for marijuana.
Tulip -  Type of joint with a sack of marijuana attatched.
Vaporizer -  Device for heating up marijuana buds and inhaling them using other burning method.
Visine -  Eye drops to cover the red eyes when smoking marijuana.
Wacky tobacky -  Weed and tobacco mixed together.
Wake and bake -  Smoking right after waking up, early in the morning.
Wasted -  High, stoned.
Weed -  Marijuana/cannabis.
Weedies -  Small amount of marijuana.
White widow -  Strain of cannabis.
Zigzag -  Brand of rolling pappers.
Zoned -  Being high, stoned.