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 Find weed related terminology suitable both for cannabis smokers and for the non-smokers in our weed dictionary . This is by all means not a complete dictionary but we are constantly adding new words to our list. If you want to add new words to this dictionary just contact us and tell us the word or expression you feel every weed enthusiast should know about and what it means.



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Babysitter -  Term for marijuana
backroll -  A method of rolling a marijuana cigar,different than the classic joint by rolling the paper backwards to minimize the quantity of the paper and maximize the cannabis taste
baggie -  Plastic bag used for holding weed
Bake sale -  Smoking session
Baker -  Marijuana smoker
Bammer -  Low quality marijuana
Bash -  Term for marijuana
Bhang -  Term for marijuana
Bhang -  Term used for marijuana.
Black -  Hash
blazed -  High; stoned
Blitzed -  High, stoned
blunt -  A cigar that has been hollowed,refilled with pot and rerolled
Bogart -  A person who is not passing the joint.
Bomner -  Joint
bong -  Device used for smoking marijuana. It gives the user the possibility of inhaling the cannabis after the smoke is filtered through water or different liquids.
Bong water -  The water from the bottom of the bong.Drinking it will not get you high but it can cause extreme stomach pain.
Bouldered -  Being high, stoned.
Bowl -  The part of a pipe or bong where the weed is placed.
Brick -  1 Kg of marijuana
Bubble -  Device for smoking weed
Bubbler- -  Device for smoking marijuana, smaller than a bong and without a removable bowl.
Budtender -  Person that works at a medical marijuana store