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 Find weed related terminology suitable both for cannabis smokers and for the non-smokers in our weed dictionary . This is by all means not a complete dictionary but we are constantly adding new words to our list. If you want to add new words to this dictionary just contact us and tell us the word or expression you feel every weed enthusiast should know about and what it means.



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Caked -  Ultimate level of high
Can Pipe -  Device used for smoking marijuana made from a can.
Cannaflour -  Used for cooking, made from mixing the flour with ground marijuana
Cashed -  A bowl of marijuana which was finished.
CBD -  is a non-psychoactive substance found in cannabis along side with other 85 active cannabinoids. It can account for up to 40% of the plant's extract
Chamba -  African term for marijuana
Cheeba -  Term for marijuana
Chiefing -  Smoking marijuana
Chill -  relax / hang out
Chronic -  High qulity marijuana
Cola -  The top bud of a marijuana plant's main stem
Crossjoint -  Intersection of two joints that form a cross with three smoking ends.