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 Find weed related terminology suitable both for cannabis smokers and for the non-smokers in our weed dictionary . This is by all means not a complete dictionary but we are constantly adding new words to our list. If you want to add new words to this dictionary just contact us and tell us the word or expression you feel every weed enthusiast should know about and what it means.



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Half ounce -  14 grams of marijuana
Haze -  Strain of Marijuana
Herb -  Term for marijuana.
High grade -  High quality marijuana.
Hog leg -  A very big joint.
Hook-up -  A person who provides marijuana
Hot Box -  Smoking in an enclosed area such as a car or small room with no window open, the smoke filling the room and being reinhaled.
Hybrid -  Strains made up of at least 2 other strains, most of them having Indica or Sativa dominance.