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 Find weed related terminology suitable both for cannabis smokers and for the non-smokers in our weed dictionary . This is by all means not a complete dictionary but we are constantly adding new words to our list. If you want to add new words to this dictionary just contact us and tell us the word or expression you feel every weed enthusiast should know about and what it means.



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Salad bowl -  A mix from different types of marijuana in a bowl.
Sativa -  Type of marijuana.
Schwag -  Low quality marijuana.
Shotgun -  Inhaling smoke and exhaling into somenone else's mouth.
Sinsemilla -  Meaning "without seed".
Skin up -  Rolling a joint.
Skins -  Term for rolling papers.
Skunk -  Strong strain of marijuana.
Spliff -  A joint rolled with both marijuana and tobacco.
Sploof -  A plastic bottle filled with dryer sheets used to mask the smell of marijuana smoke.
Stash -  Personal supply of weed.
Steamroller -  Device used for smoking pot. Usually a steamroller is a pipe.
Sticky icky -  High quality marijuana with a sticky, gummy texture.
Stoned -  Being high.
Stoner -  A person who smokes marijuana often.
Swisher -  Term for blunt.